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We are the Ta'atiti family. I started this blog back in 2008. I kinda forgot about it for a long time and just recently decided to pick it up again. My main motivations behind this blog is to document my weight loss journey through the Take Shape For Life program as well as document significant events for my kids - Sina and Miracle. Hopefully they will find value in these posts and maybe even learn from some of my life lessons.



Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let it snow

Unlike most people in Utah, I actually love the snow. I don't love to drive in it, but I love the sight of it and playing in it. I think it's beautiful. On Christmas day it snowed almost 2 feet in Bountiful. Nephi and Sulu and the kiddies went outside to sled down the side of Fua's house. It was hilarious. That one night of sledding fun led to two more consecutive days of snow sledding. I even bundled up on Saturday and went sledding. We must have been out there for 3-4 hours. I got snow down my pants and up my back, but it was so much fun. Not to mention, Nephi and I didn't have snow boots so the snow melted through our shoes and froze our toes to numbing. We didn't care though. Even Sina and Alo got some of the action. They didn't stay out long though, their little tushies couldn't take the brisk winds.

I took a chance with one of the sleds we were using by laying flat on my stomach and going down the hill with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes I had gone over the snow barrier and nearly hit the wall of the school that we were sledding by. Needless to say - I had gone the farthest down the hill and no one could beat me. Anthony says it's because i'm so "light"!!! Riiiggghhhttt!

We thought it would be a good idea for me, Nephi, and Sulu to slide down the hill - together! on one sled!! hahaha... All I remember about that ride was spinning half way down the hill and thinking "we are so going to eat this hill pretty soon", but luckily we stayed on track. I got snow all down my pants though, who knows how that happened and of course snow down my socks and shoes, and that was only the 2nd time down the hill!! To top the night off, Fua took us to Millcreek Jr high in Bountiful to this massive hill. It seriously took me 15 minutes to walk up it. I vowed that it would be my first and last ride down that hill because I would not walk up it again. Sulu, Belle, and I decided to go together this time. We picked up so much speed going down that darned hill that snow flew up all sides of the sled that I even got some in my mouth and this time - we really did eat it - BAD! I conked the left side of my head really hard on the ground and lost my beenie somehow. When I stood up I was laying on Belle's Beenie and her hair was covered in snow. I couldn't move for a good 30 seconds. The sky and everything else spun like a merry go round overhead and staying true to my vow, I turned from sledder to spectator.

Sulu came down on one of the sleds by herself and someone who had been there earlier had packed a pretty good sized ramp of snow at the bottom. Not even seeing it, she went right over it and got at least 4 1/2 ft of height before bonking hard on the ground. It was awesome! We didn't even see the ramp until a split second before she hit it. And then of course everyone's attempts to find the ramp coming down the hill after that were unsuccessful, but fun to watch nonetheless.

Nephi and his little family left the next day back to San Diego. Irais was a little iffy about the snow, but I think it was the snow that converted Nephi to want to be a Utahn. They are planning a move now - I just have to find him a job!!

So it's supposed to snow tonight again - it should provide for some good fun the next time we decide to hit the hills. who knew snow could be so fun?