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Bountiful, Utah
We are the Ta'atiti family. Originally from Lotopa, Samoa (Anthony) and Nuuuli, American Samoa (me). We are living in Bountiful for the time being and we are loving it here. Sina is our one and only princess. This blog is for her in hopes that she will treasure her heritage and the memories of her family.

Monday, September 7, 2009

another milestone

I just had to note that Sina used the toilet for the first time last Saturday - Sept 5th! She thought she was a big girl...no diaper, getting the toilet paper all by herself....I just knew she would do it when she was ready....My lil' girl is growing up!!!

week 1 successfully completed

So the daily journal thing isn't working out too well, but the past 4 days have been amazing!

Zumba dance class kicked butt. It is well worth the $5 I sacrifice for lunch. Looking forward to doing this every Tues and Thurs


Upper body workout - 1hr 2 mins

No Zumba. 20 mins intensity on elliptical machine with a 5 min cool down

**Sunday - FREE DAY **
Ate whatever I wanted and rested from the workouts

Lower body again - this time with intensity level crunches
Calves were straining from last Wed, but it feels dang good

WEEK 1 is completed....the hard part is over now for CONSISTENCY!!!