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We are the Ta'atiti family. I started this blog back in 2008. I kinda forgot about it for a long time and just recently decided to pick it up again. My main motivations behind this blog is to document my weight loss journey through the Take Shape For Life program as well as document significant events for my kids - Sina and Miracle. Hopefully they will find value in these posts and maybe even learn from some of my life lessons.



Monday, May 11, 2009

Sick Mother's Day Weekend

I woke up early Friday morning with the intent to go to the temple with my friend Peggy from work. I was really disappointed when my alarm went off and I could barely swallow because my throat hurt so bad. I sadly had to cancel our temple trip. I slept until about 12:30 that afternoon. I thought my luck was starting to change when April passed without a sinus infection or my allergies acting up. It was too good to be true. With the weather changing it was inevitable that I would get my yearly sinus infection.

Despite all that, Anthony still took me out for dinner and a movie on Saturday. We finally checked out the Joy Luck Restaurant down the street from our house. I think it was okay. I couldn't taste any of it besides knowing what dishes were sweet and which ones were spicy. It was kind of sad actually because anyone that knows me knows that ...I LOVE FOOD!!

We watched "Wolverine" and it was okay. I think Fua's rating of a 4 out of 10 was about right. The action I would have rated a little higher, but It was a little different than what I expected. I thought it was good though. My favorite part was when he jumped in to the waterfall....uh huh!

I got some roses and a cute new purse from fashion bug. I took mom and Sulu shopping for shoes. After church, we ended the weekend with dinner at Sizzler. (Mani tried to give me a guilt trip by saying...dining out on Sunday?...really? are you trying to be agelu since you moved to Missouri....just "sdop it", as Sina would say)

Despite the grogginess, the weekend was "sick" in all definitions of the word.