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We are the Ta'atiti family. Originally from Lotopa, Samoa (Anthony) and Nuuuli, American Samoa (me). We are living in Bountiful for the time being and we are loving it here. Sina is our one and only princess. This blog is for her in hopes that she will treasure her heritage and the memories of her family.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

rootin' for the underdog

We are pleasantly surprised that Kris is a finalist. He is definitely the underdog given the judges remarks and their whole worship of Adam, but we are hopeful that America will pull through. Me and mom voted for Kris 4 times Tuesday night and I think our votes might have made the difference (although there were more than a million votes separarting the top 2) we are still convinced! So for all you skeptics out there...don't think your vote doesn't count because it does!!! ( yes, i know this is lame, but come on...it's American Idol!!)

If you attempt to call or text to the above #'s you are seriously lamer than I am and have no idea that I made this whole thing up myself. Texting messaging rates and sevice charges may apply. Remember to dial 1-866 and not 1-800. Get a life. Tata for now.
Disclaimer: I am not hating on Adam by any means, I still think that his version of "tracks of my tears" is still the best performance of the season by anyone, but I really like Kris's performances in the past week and I think I would be more likely to buy a Kris album over an Adam album. Just me. (I'd still buy a Matt album if he ever made one)