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We are the Ta'atiti family. I started this blog back in 2008. I kinda forgot about it for a long time and just recently decided to pick it up again. My main motivations behind this blog is to document my weight loss journey through the Take Shape For Life program as well as document significant events for my kids - Sina and Miracle. Hopefully they will find value in these posts and maybe even learn from some of my life lessons.



Thursday, May 21, 2009

What happened last night?

Aside from my favorite FOX shows, there is little else I watch around this time of year than the NBA playoffs. My favorite team, the Sac Kings haven't seen the playoffs in like 3 years since the whole drama with Ron Artest and losing Chris Weber. He was really the only reason they climbed my favorite list. I am not quite as big a fun as I was since he left, but I don't want to be considered a fair-weather fan just because of that.

Needless to say, the Kings got jipped of their first round pick as they were predicted to get. They fell to the 5th pick with the Clippers (heaven help them) lucking out for first dibs.

Since the Kings haven't been much in the spotlight lately, I have had joy watching my other two favorite teams play in this season's playoffs: The San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavs. No, I've never lived in any of these towns or states for that matter, but the players are what determine my liking for a team. I've always had a secret love affair with Tim Duncan since he joined the league in 1997. 12 years later he is still going strong and never once left the Spurs, how bout that for loyalty. And then what can I say about Lebron James? Phenomenal. Dominant, yet a team player. Huge scorer, even bigger assistant. Can't find that in very many (hint . . . Kobe?)

With the Spurs out of the playoffs only after the first round, all my faith is now with the Cavs. So my big question is "WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?" Talk about an upset. Orlando coming back in the fourth quarter after being down the whole game to win by 1 point in the last 5 seconds. Stunning. One of the greatest come backs I've ever witnessed (Dwight Howard with the greatest shoulders I've ever seen). Total disappointment for the Cavs who managed to sweep through the first two rounds and rest 8 whole days. Too much rest? Well, they will be back on their toes I'm sure to come back and give Orlando a run for their money. I can already see this being one of the greatest playoff runs in history.

As for the Lakers...well, I'm not a huge Laker fan unless they are playing the Utah Jazz (Bottom of my least favorites list). They will no doubt make it to the finals. That is when I truly hope that the Cavs pull through and Lebron James can take his MVP trophy and shove it in Kobe's . . . well. . . his face! MVP trophy to go with an NBA championship? We can only be so hopeful . . .